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Bathroom Remodel Services

Getting the most function out of any space in the home is key. With a bathroom remodel, it’s essential. From a small powder bathroom to grand master-bath suites, we can transform your ideal bathroom into a reality.

Most bathrooms see a lot of traffic. So there are many reasons to consider a bathroom remodel. With little children you need more safety, with older adults your need more assistive features. Maybe there has been too much wear-and-tear, or they just need to be larger or updated. Colors, grout, time, fixtures, and plumbing can all wear out over the years and we can always find ways to make better use of space. Whatever your motivations are behind your bathroom remodel, bathrooms take careful planning. We’re the best resource in the Boise and surrounding area.

Sustainable, Durable and Timeless

Because bathrooms are so high in use, they’ve got to be durable and last. We can help you think through placement and functionality of the tub, shower, sink and toilet. Because bathrooms are usually smaller spaces, splurging on a few higher-end materials and finishes can be a good investment that can make your space seem incredibly luxurious, and last longer. The selections you make can really make an impact on the overall look and feel, so leave it to our professional designers to help you be sure you are not making any design mistakes that you’ll have to live with forever. You’ll want guidance from someone you can trust. That’s us!

Greater Efficiency

One of the biggest reasons to remodel is to improve the ventilation and efficiency of your bathroom. Humidity that stays trapped in these small spaces because of poor or insufficient ventilation can cause mold and mildew build-up over time. Good fans, and adding a window are the best ways to bring in ventilation. Adding medicine cabinets, improved lighting, larger plumbing drain pipes that can dramatically improve your drainage, installing low-flow hidden tank in which the water storage vessel is mounted inside the wall, are all ideas worth considering if you are remodeling a bathroom, especially a smaller bathroom where the design can save space.

The Right Materials

A bathroom remodel requires more details and planning than you may think. Each idea requires a different set of materials and textures. We help you make sure the products you are shopping for will meet the needs of your remodel. This is especially true when it comes to countertops, cabinets, sinks and bathtubs, fixtures, lighting, tile flooring, backsplashes, and waterproofing materials. They have different requirements depending on the space and use. Design and space go hand-in-hand.

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