Chad Vincent

Chad Vincent is Renaissance Remodeling’s fearless leader. Chad began his remodeling and construction career at a young age working for his dad in the family business and has been expanding his presence, expertise, and success in the field ever since. Chad values staying ahead of the curve and accepts nothing but the best in an ever-changing industry. He has always had a passion for carpentry and getting creative. He loves to work with his hands and see a project transform into something beautiful that his customers can appreciate for a lifetime. In his spare time, he enjoys being at his cabin with his family, camping, fishing, snowshoeing, and playing tennis. 

Board Members

Michael Collins

With over 25 years of experience, Michael oversees all the projects at Renaissance Remodeling. Highly skilled in his field and passionate about effectively communicating with the designers, subcontractors, and most importantly the customers, Michael ensures that promises about a project are kept. He values efficiency and quality in all the work produced by his team and he loves to help facilitate success for both the build and design side of the remodeling process at Renaissance. Outside of empowering others to do their best, Michael loves music, riding bikes, hiking, and canoeing.

Marilyn Smith

Previously working with major corporations before stepping out of the industry to raise 7 children, Marilyn rejoined the accounting field as a bookkeeper at Renaissance and quickly became an essential member of the team as the Operations and Accounts Manager. She looks forward to coming to work and enjoys creatively taking on challenges. Always a phone call away for any questions you might have, Marilyn values genuine friendships with customers, subcontractors, and staff members alike. Outside of work Marilyn plays the piano every day and loves gardening, church, and her family. 

Teresa Richardson

Making your vision come to life, Teresa leads the Design Team with a B.A. in Interior Design from Iowa State University and over 20 years of industry experience. Her favorite aspect of the job is helping customers create the dream kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom that they have been waiting for. Teresa delights in finding the perfect balance on every project by accomplishing customer goals while staying within their means. She loves to learn and keeps her area of expertise fresh and on-trend within a constantly evolving industry. Teresa stays active and enjoys healthy living for both the mind and body.

Office Staff

Tammie Sevieri-Coffey

From French Country to Urban Modern and every interior design style in between, Tammie brings passion and understanding to all her projects at Renaissance. Priding herself in coming up with ideas in unique and creative ways, she makes magic happen. Tammie excels at digging deep to find the genuine desires of her clients and helping their remodel vision flourish. With a B.A. in Marketing, an Associates in Business Management, a lengthy career with her own high-end design company, and a love for playing tennis, this firecracker can take on anything you serve.

Jocelyn Lane

Jocelyn is energetic about the Renaissance design process and truly enjoys working with clients to help create the dream space they have always hoped for. One of her favorite steps in the design process is selecting the products that best fit a client’s personality and style. Jocelyn is outgoing and loves to nurture relationships with genuine communication and a positive can-do attitude. In her free time, you can find Jocelyn playing tennis, hiking, enjoying the family cabin, and paddle boarding with friends. 


With a degree in Interior Design from San Jose State University, this former Bay Area resident turned Idahoan has 20 years of experience in retail design and merchandising. Happy to return to her roots of home design, Deanne is supportive and knowledgeable in her role at Renaissance. She appreciates the little details and makes sure that clients have the design resources they need readily available. An artist in everything she does, Deanne also makes jewelry, draws, and paints in her spare time. A lover of animals, she has two cats and enjoys horseback riding.


A crucial member of our team, Kevin is the Draftsman at Renaissance Remodeling. He is highly skilled at bringing blueprint designs to life with Chief Architect, the program he uses to bring real time, realistic views of remodeling projects to the team and customers. Combining his artistic and tech savvy sides, Kevin has focused his career on design to build with devotion to quality and idealism. On the weekends you can find Kevin mountain biking, camping, skiing, taking advanced program and technology seminars, and occasionally jumping out of planes. 


Excited about marketing and event planning, Bonnie joined Renaissance after graduating from BSU with a B.A. in Public Relations. She loves to build memorable relationships with all walks of life and appreciates what an invaluable gift it is to learn the stories behind every client, staff member, and subcontractor. Bonnie knows that each project is unique, and she is eager to provide customers a seamless experience with the resources and information they need to know they are special and heard. In addition to her affinity for all things PR, Bonnie loves thrifting, sustainable fashion, barre classes, yoga, and healthy living.



Recently becoming an Idaho resident after moving here from the Bay Area in California, Jesse’s number one goal at Renaissance is to make customers happy. He ensures that projects run smoothly with his leadership and direction. His list of qualifications includes a 4-year apprenticeship program as well as certifications in welding, lead removal, asbestos removal, first aid, and CPR. An Oakland Athletics fan, Jesse loves to spend quality time playing baseball with his son as well as enjoying the great outdoors.

Michael Priest

Taking immense pride in his work, Mike puts an emphasis on precision. He strives to keep an honest and open line of communication with clients on every job. He knows that projects need to be as least obtrusive as possible so customers can be comfortable in their homes during the entire remodeling process. He loves to work hard, and his favorite parts of the job include framing, being hands-on, and using his tools to create. His farm filled with sheep, chickens, dogs, and cats keeps him busy at home when he is not at work. 


Since he was old enough to work, Kent has been working in the construction industry. With endless knowledge and experience in many areas of construction, he values efficiency, accuracy, and accountability from the staff and subcontractors alike. Kent is zealous about building and loves to take on challenging projects. He leads by example, helps create a positive work environment, and maintains Renaissance’s honorable reputation. Some of his favorite things to do outside of work include hiking, hunting, and backpacking with his grandson. 

Production Staff

Robert Fitzgerald

Robert has vast knowledge of construction and has experience with building custom homes all around the country. He is mindful of the small details on projects and delights in working hard every day, which makes him a valuable member of the Renaissance team. When he is not keeping a project moving and grooving on the job to produce works of art for customers, he enjoys grooving to music outside of work and even mixes and creates his own music as a hobby. 


With skills in carpentry, flooring, vinyl, cabinets, and more, Josue is a jack of all trades. He prides himself in upholding the image of Renaissance, and his love for his job shines through on every project. Josue knows the value of being mindful and using critical thinking skills with long term results in mind. He is currently studying Business Management at CWI and plans to graduate with his bachelor’s degree from BSU in 2023. He finds joy in working with special needs children, hiking, traveling with his wife, and appreciating life.

Greg Miller

Our demolition man, Greg, enjoys every aspect of his work and gladly gets the job done. He helps projects run smoothly by making sure inventory, vehicles, tools, supplies, and equipment are in the right place at the right time. Greg has over 25 years of experience in the construction industry and feels that Renaissance is by far the best place to work. In addition to his career in construction, Greg is a pilot who graduated from the International Air Academy and is a NOAA weather observer. He will always have a love for aviation and owns an at home flight simulator.